MacGourmet 3.0.3

Elegant iTunes style cooking app

If you're into cooking then MacGourmet is a great app for helping you create and edit recipes as well as make notes on your favorite foods. View full description


  • Elegant iTunes style interface
  • Exports ingredients to iPhone
  • Share recipes via MobileMe
  • Publishes recipes to blogs


  • Doesn't support publishing to WordPress
  • Free recipes are heavily meat oriented


If you're into cooking then MacGourmet is a great app for helping you create and edit recipes as well as make notes on your favorite foods.

It includes features for taking wine and cooking notes as well as allowing you to easily browse your entire collection and make a truly customized cookbook. The developers like to call it "iTunes for Recipes" and you can see why in the way that MacGourmet brings an iTunes style look and feel to recipe writing and cataloging on the Mac.

One of the other great aspects of MacGourmet is that you can share your recipes and favorite dishes with others by uploading them to MobileMe and WebDAV accounts. You can even publish directly to TypePad and MoveableType blogs (although not WordPress unfortunately). It can also export ingredients to your PDA and iPhone to make instant shopping lists.

Searching MacGourmet is a breeze although some users will notice that a huge number of the initial 80 recipes that MacGourmet comes with to get you started, are meat dishes so vegetarians beware.

There really is little to fault in MacGourmet beyond that. You may have trouble searching for obscure or non-American names ingredients but overall, it's a cook's dream.


  • Fixed a problem where icons for recipes were being incorrectly displayed for wine and cooking notes in the Last Import list
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the recipe box “+” button from reenabling after an editor was opened
  • Fixed a problem that caused the user lists to not update when something was moved to the Trash
  • Fixed a problem filling in aisles and stores from Favorites list
  • Fixed a problem where some scaled amounts were not getting used for list when creating a list from one or more recipes
  • Added smarter support for opening older import files
  • Index numbers no longer getting added to group names
  • Fixed a problem seen when searching and deleting current find string past the “beginning” of the string
  • Updated plug-in to use better encoding support
  • Updated plug-in for new web site URL
  • Added “Where is My Database?” command that opens current database file in a new Finder window

You make albums for your digital photos, you make playlists for your mp3s. Now bring your recipe organization into the 21st century as well with MacGourmet™. Think of MacGourmet as "iTunes for recipes." MacGourmet helps you create and edit recipes, wine notes and cooking notes, easily browse your entire collection and build your own custom lists for categories like appetizers or desserts.

In addition to recipes, MacGourmet lets you save notes and labels for wines you've had, creating a digital "wine scrapbook." Had a great wine that would go well with a certain recipe? MacGourmet lets you make a relationship between them. In fact, make one or many relationships between every kind of recipe box item.

And like your wine notes, you can keep lists of your cooking notes, those nuggets of wisdom that are general and not necessarily specific to any one recipe or wine.



MacGourmet 3.0.3